Luca Lampariello on The Importance of Learning a New Language (VIDEO) On my website, I strive to inspire others to travel as a way to better their lives. I believe curiosity and respect for different cultures brings great reward when we reach out and connect. And if you speak the language, you have an instant in!

viagra pfizer online That’s why I met up with Luca Lampariello of As an inspiration to us all, he speaks 10 languages – most of which were self-taught. In this interview in Rome he shares his philosophy on why language learning is so important.

go Also see our other video where Luca gives me an Italian lesson.



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  • Amanda

    This is so inspiring. I’d love to learn another language but in the past I always felt it was too hard. But Luca is right, I just have to do it!! Thx for this.

  • Carla Thomas

    This guy is terrific

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