Published on July 18, 2013

Travel Bag Giveaway (VIDEO)

Over at Travel with Kate, there are some exciting things going on! To kick off my new Travel Tips series I am holding a bag giveaway competition. Watch the video for how to enter to win. The bags are adorable and the odds for the competition are pretty darn good!

So, as stated in the video, to win an M.J. Schiebe bag, you have to be subscribed to my channel. Then, leave me a comment under the video on my channel giving me an idea for a future tips video. The two first original comments I choose to make into my next two tip videos will be the winners!

Do check out where you can see the colors of the bags and get acquainted with the company.

Also, I’d like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Megan of MJ Schiebe for providing me with these bags for my viewers!


  • Rory

    Would love to have tips as how to get info on key activities happenings of where you are going. Just a few

  • Shawny

    I have a few ideas…hope that’s welcome.

    1) What are the best, most seamless Apps I can use to make travel easier? Do I need an App for every airline I use in order to check-in on my mobile? Can I even check in on my mobile? I’m not very tech-savvy…

    2) What are the absolute “essentials” when traveling to a specific area or region? For instance, in Ireland, you’d better have a poncho or water-proof light-weight jacket for the 30-minute showers that pop up here and there. Perhaps that’s a tip for the whole UK, and not just Ireland?

    3) How do I find remote areas that are off the beaten path but highly desirable as “do not miss”.

    So something like:
    Tip: If you’re headed to France or Spain, plan to stop over in Andorra…… BTW – it looks amazingly charming. I didn’t even know Andorra existed until a few days ago! Am I the only one?!

    Tip – If you’re in Ireland – be sure to make plans to go to the Skellig Islands…… I met an artist who lived in the remote hills and he said, definitely go to the Skellig Islands – he said: “it will change” then he paused to think, and then said: “It will change everything”. I felt like my entire outlook on life would have been altered in a magnificent way had I gone. Had I known, I would have made the time, it takes about 4-5 hours out of the day and needs to be planned… Also, a B&B owner said all travelers love it and one said it’s the best place they’ve been in the whole country. It certainly didn’t stand out in my travel guidebook.

    So: Tip – If you’re going here, definitely don’t miss this, or definitely consider also visiting this close-by gem off the beaten path. Local Knowledge!

    I hope these are “tips”…

    Thanks for the site!

  • Shawny

    One more tip! But maybe it’s just worth a Tweet.

    I was in Europe recently and decided to get Euros for US Dollars at the Chase bank ahead of time. I got “robbed”!!! The actual rate was around 1.32 and they exchanged my USD for around 1.39! Mind you, this was my bank, not a currency exchange shop on the corner.

    Then while I was there, I withdrew 50 Euros from my debit card. When I checked my statement at home, they had take out the amount equivalent to the 1.32 rate (the actual rate) and didn’t charge me a service charge. Granted, the debit card was a different bank, but I doubt they would have given me the spot rate either…

    In the grand scheme it’s not all that much money, but who doesn’t want to keep more in their pockets as opposed to the bank’s?

    Just a quick realization I had… Always withdraw from your debit card abroad…