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Exploring the Countryside in Dorset, England #VIDEO

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On my last trip to London I took the train to Dorset in the English countryside to explore its charming villages and green, open spaces.

viagra shoppers drug mart price Like many, I’ve harbored the dream of experiencing the English countryside for years. In my mind, I held images of rolling green hills dotted with quaint villages and Downton-Abbey-style estates. So I decided to get out of London and into the English countryside to finally see it for myself. And you know what? It was not far from my imagination.

viagra drugs in nigeria nigerian The region I visited is called Dorset (which is actually Southwest of London, I misspoke in the video). And Sherborne, one of the many small towns there, is known for having a complex history dating back to Roman times with an impressive array of architectural attractions. I’d love to come back to explore more of this place, preferably not in the dead of winter!

go here There is more to see in Sherborne that didn’t make it into my video. Most notable is the Sherborne Castle, Sherborne Lake, and the Sherborne School. These are all beautiful sites to see. Bring your walking shoes! It could not have been much easier to get to Dorset from London. For Sherborne, jump on a South West Train from Waterloo Station to Sherborne. The train stop is right in town letting you off not far from the abbey. This makes an easy escape for a day-trip or a long weekend.

viagra type drugs in india The antique shop I visited is called, Robin Wheatley Antiques. And that was Robin himself who so kindly let me throw a camera in his face. Also, the restaurant, The Green is easy to locate right in the middle of town. Finally getting to explore this region that has held so much curiosity for me in the past was really exciting and only made me want do more. Most surprising was the food. You saw the lovely parsnip-thyme veloute and the roast chicken dish I ordered at The Green. And it seemed most meals I ate during my countryside jaunt were hearty and delicious. And I loved there always seems to be freshly baked bread and often a variety of herb butters on each table.

us online pharmacy viagra To delve into a culinary experience I had in Dorset come take a look at my video featuring the Summer Lodge Hotel.

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