I’ve Moved to London!

http://kaufmanroslyn.com/?x=paco-drug-ingredients-viagra Well, it’s official. I’ve gone and done it. I’ve moved to Europe. I’m settling in to my life here in London after arriving less than a week ago. Over the past three years, I’ve spent weeks and months at a time here in London – during a prolonged, long-distance relationship with my now husband.

http://femininemoneymagic.com/?x=best-buy-pfizer-viagra-in-uk Each time I visited London, it all felt so exciting and new. I was on an adventure. And because of those experiences I am finding it hard to really believe that things are different this time – that I’m actually here to live, not just to visit.

get link Our flat looks the same. The neighborhood is the same, despite the odd, new restaurant or shop that has popped up in my absence. The weather is still chilly and grey with moments of beautiful blue sky and sunlight emerging through puffy, white clouds.

click The buses are still red. The recorded voice in the tube still says, “mind the gap” when exiting the train. I still have to look diligently in both directions when crossing the street as I never seem to know which direction the traffic will be coming from.

http://wphls.org/?x=natural-drug-like-viagra http://travelwithkate.com/?x=buying-cheap-viagra And I’m wondering when it will hit me that it is for real this time.

antiviral drugs over the counter uk viagra I hope it will soon! I’m interested (and a little anxious) to see how I’ll start to build a life here, what I’ll learn about this exciting city, how work goes, how being an expat will feel over time, if I’ll be too homesick. And I’m excited to share my experiences with you!

http://junkyardangel.net/?x=plavix-drug-ingredients-viagra For more on my previous London adventures click through to my youtube channel.

http://gisellemosley.com/?search=viagra-professional-for-best-price And to book your own London adventure check the rates!

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