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An Epic 6 Days in the British Countryside

source site This was an epic six days exploring the British countryside. My trip was all organized by Visit Britain – the tourism board for Great Britain who invited me out to share my experiences with you. The goal was to show me a wide breadth of countryside destinations in the UK during my 6 days on the road. They organized each activity with earnest local tour operators and booked my hotels. I was at their whim – entirely. And to be honestly, this trip wildly outdid my expectations. If I go back (and I’d like to) I would spend even more time in Wales exploring castles with my guide from Planet Wales. I would love to take a pony ride and…

Wisteria and patio at the Painswick Hotel

The Painswick Hotel: A Cotswolds Retreat

canada viagra generic The Painswick Hotel is a stylish and modern retreat in the Cotswolds. Visiting the English countryside – whether it be in Dorset, the Lake District, or the Isle of Wight – I have stayed in and enjoyed hotels known for their luxury and culinary distinction. During each stay, I was able to connect with interesting local characters and experience the excellence of these renowned properties. Being at those hotels was also like stepping into another world that felt sometimes just a bit more formal and mature than my own natural disposition. But it was on my recent trip to the Costwolds, staying at The Painswick Hotel where I felt like all the puzzle pieces fit for me. Finally, I’d found…

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Reach Beyond Adventure Canoeing

A Lake District Getaway from London #Video

get link In this episode of Travel with Kate, I go on a Lake District getaway from London full of luxury and outdoor adventure. To be specific, I stayed at Sharrow Bay, a hotel right on Ullswater, a body of water in the Northern part of the Lake District National Park in Cumbria. Sharrow Bay definitely fits into my hotel ranking system of Local Luxury. And It holds two claims to fame. Number one, it’s known as the first ever country house hotel (a common type of lodging in this country that was once a private vacation home but now open to guests). Number two, the hotel founders claim that they were the originators of the Sticky Toffee Pudding. This desert is…

Kate Thomas Travel Dorset

Exploring the Countryside in Dorset, England #VIDEO

see On my last trip to London I took the train to Dorset in the English countryside to explore its charming villages and green, open spaces. Like many, I’ve harbored the dream of experiencing the English countryside for years. In my mind, I held images of rolling green hills dotted with quaint villages and Downton-Abbey-style estates. So I decided to get out of London and into the English countryside to finally see it for myself. And you know what? It was not far from my imagination. The region I visited is called Dorset (which is actually Southwest of London, I misspoke in the video). And Sherborne, one of the many small towns there, is known for having a complex history dating back…

The UK’s Jurassic Coast for Beginners #Video

source Along the southern coast of Great Britain in the regions of Dorset and East Devon is the Jurassic Coast. As you can see in the video there are all kinds of fun to be had in this dynamic landscape. In certain areas, you can also go fossil hunting, rock climbing, and horseback riding on the beach. And some locals simply like to hike along the cliffs for miles. If you are hoping to see multiple hubs along the coastline all on the same trip, you’ll want a car. But if you stay in one destination like Bridport you could get away with no car, and simply take a taxi to the beach and to the train station. In the video…