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Fishing in Tunisia, Part 2 (VIDEO)

Fishing in Tunisia, Part 2 (VIDEO)

viagra prezzo al pubblico This is Part Two of my video series featuring a fishing trip in Tunisia. In this installment, you’ll get an understanding of the traditional fishing techniques employed by Walid’s uncles, you’ll watch me getting into the water to earn my keep, and more. PHOTO CREDIT: In the Travel with Kate opening sequence, the image behind…

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Traveling for a Hobby

Traveling for a Hobby

enter Ever wish you could really immerse yourself in local culture while traveling or have an adventure that gets you far beyond the touristy sides of town? One way is to align your travel plans with events and festivals – especially ones that cater to your interests and hobbies. This is a surefire tactic to catch…

follow link Is My New Obsession Is My New Obsession is a website where you can book travel tours. But the platform is a bit unorthodox. For the most part, the guides are not professionals. Many are simply locals with a particular knowledge of their hometowns. What does that means for travelers? You get an instant local contact that is more like a friend…

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The Coconut Experience in Kauai

The Coconut Experience in Kauai When I first arrived in Kauai, my family and I drove from the airport in Lihue to Hanalei Bay, where we are staying. The views outside the window were stunning with lush mountains, taro fields alive with color and stunning ocean views. I also noticed a roadside shack, just outside Hanalei, that peaked my interest.…

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Traveling to Carve Out Your Identity

Traveling to Carve Out Your Identity During college, I was awakened to the life-changing benefits of travel. It started with a trip to Italy, the summer before my freshman year. And then you couldn’t stop me. It seemed I was always finding a way to convince my parents that my next trip was vital. Travel had become central to my life.…

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What’s All This About Local Travel?

follow site Recently, someone asked me why I like to focus on local travel, as opposed to any old kind of travel. It is true, I do. And I’m not alone. It seems “local” has become quite the buzzword. I’m seeing it increasingly on the cover of major travel magazines and online publications. And there are growing…

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