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Kate’s Travel Playlist – Track 3: “Leonel, el Feo” (Music)

phenothiazine drugs side-effects of viagra These modern artists are influenced by Argentinian and Uruguayan rock, hip hop and electronic music. And some of their songs are in French. Their music is mysterious and sensual. And it makes you want to dance and chill out all at once. This week I am featuring electronic tango music from: Bajo Fondo Tango Club Their sound is unique and familiar all at once. Leonel, el Feo is a tribute to Edmundo Rivera, a famous Argentine Tango singer. And it was created by the founding group member, Luciano Superveille. Other songs from Superveille and Bajo Fondo Tango Club that I love are Pulso (100 Mares) and Fandango. You’ll notice that each song sounds very different. And there often seems to…