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Studying Parenting Style inside a Parisian Park, Square des Batignolles

new russian drug ingredients viagra Getting ready to become a mom in Paris, I find that local parks are an entertaining and educational place to observe how Parisians parent. At 2pm on Sunday, my husband and I set out from our new apartment with no particular destination in mind. The sunny weather had prompted in us a desire to explore. Wandering is my favorite way to discover a place – step-by-step, street-by-street. But on this day, our pioneering spirit became overpowered as we unconsciously veered toward one of our preferred parks in the North of Paris. Tucked inside Batignolles, a neighborhood in the 17th Arrondissement, is a picturesque park called, Square des Batignolles. This park is somewhat compact but provides an immersive, nature experience that…

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