Learning a Posh London Accent

Published on April 25, 2013

I’m in London right now. And as I walk through the streets I can’t help but to mimic the accents I hear. But the honest truth is that I’m not so good at it!

In an attempt to get a London accent right, I took a lesson from a dialect coach. Watch the video. Follow along. And try to get it too!!

Here’s the script in case it will help:

Excuse Me. Can I ask you something? I’m looking for a great restaurant nearby. Something inexpensive but delicious. A real local find.

In this video, I feature another conversation I had with Sarah where she explains how there isn’t just one English accent but rather quite a few — LIKE HUNDREDS. And it is a real pet-peeve of the English when people think there is only one. In that video, she also talks about new emerging dialects that are popping up around London. Check it out!


  • chuck

    Fascinating…did not realize how difficult it would be to translate English to ENGLISH