The Best Fish and Chips in London (VIDEO)

Published on June 27, 2013

To be honest, I was not dying to try fish and chips when I arrived in London. But food critic, Daniel Young showed me the light and the subtle nuances of why Fish and Chips are still worth it.

The trick is finding the chippies – that’s local lingo for fish and chip restaurants – that are up to par. And lucky for us, Daniel has traversed the city of London seeking out the best of the best.

See, Daniel is a long-time food critic and writer who has produced five cookbooks, three restaurant guides, dozens of magazine articles, 100s of newspaper restaurant reviews as well as dining and tasting events in Europe and the US.

In brief, he’s an authority!

And if you are visiting London, you can even join him at his foodie events. He produces a night of gourmet hamburgers called Burger Mondays and has Spaghetti Tuesdays where he wrangles locals and visitors alike to indulge in wicked comfort food.

Go to his site for more info: for more info.

And Finally, what you’ve been waiting for: The list of Daniel’s top 10 Chippies in London.

1) Fish Central
2) Toff’s
3) Kerbisher & Malt
4) Poppies
5) Seafresh
6) The Fish House of Notting Hill 
7) The Fish & Chip Shop
8) Masters Super Fish
9) Sutton & Sons
10) Fish House

I hope you get to one of these spots to enjoy! And please let me know in the comments below if this was helpful or if you’d like any more information. CHEERS!

  • Anton

    That looks great I am definitely looking up this place when I go back to London!!!

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    Found this list on Quietly…

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