Kate Thomas on Huffpo Live

Yesterday, I appeared on The Huffington Post’s live-streaming news network, Huffpost Live! On the show, I got to share with viewers a new trend in travel – an easy way of booking experiences that instantly transforms a tourist into a traveler. It is called kitchen hopping.

Here’s the full video…

For my full tips video about booking hyper-local travel experiences using the person-to-person economy, click here.

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  • Chuck

    Really interesting I can see how this king of experience change your whole outlook as you went through the rest of your trip

    • travelwithkate

      Yes. It really would!

  • Johnnie

    Wow! Pioneer Kate Thomas! You actually coined a term that will be used worldwide, pretty damn cool! This is kinda like a bed and breakfast without them having to change the sheets. I bet this works a lot better outside of the US…unfortunately. I just spent some time in Ireland and it’s ALL B&B’s – I bet this would go over great there, if it hasn’t already. Keep up the fantastic Local Knowledge!

    • travelwithkate

      Thanks Johnnie for the encouragement!

  • Johnnie

    I’m all about a new economy too! Do you think this will really take off? Or do you think it’s a fad? I wonder how open people really are…

    • travelwithkate

      I do think this is really going to take off. I think if people are willing to do Airbnb and the like – even more people will really get into kitchen hopping. Is it a fad? I think it is a trend indicative of the rising person-to-person/sharing economy. I think this concept and many more like it are here to stay.

  • RPSMc

    Cleaver new trend. I think it will catch on!! My family love to travel and experience local customs and food. What better way then in a locals home!!! Thank you Kate … Keep on thinking and creating new waves…..

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