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A Foodie Weekend on the Isle of Wight with the Royal Hotel #VIDEO

On a romantic, foodie-centric, weekend escape from London, I explored the beautiful Isle of Wight with The Royal Hotel. First of all, getting there was very easy. A quick, hour and 15-minute train ride out of Waterloo station and a 25-minute ferry later I had arrived on this stunning island. This isle, just south off the coast of Great Britain, is known for summertime festivals, exceptional local produce, and a unique cultural experience where a hippy way of life meets English culture. Many also come to enjoy surfing, beach fun, and biking along nature trails. And I noticed a tranquility about this island that made me feel at home and relaxed upon arrival. The Royal Hotel falls into my hotel…

Travel with Kate in London

A Few Basics for Traveling to London

I have been getting my bearings in my new city of London – always trying to learn from the locals as best I can. And over the past few months I’ve published a handful of articles on the Expedia Viewfinder blog about this great city. They reflect a slice of what I’ve learned here so far as I commute around town, consume lots of great food, and connect with local friends. Here are some of my favorite pieces. Food Tips… Don’t let the negative stereotypes steer you wrong. Food in London is outstanding. But when visiting, it is easy to focus on all the international cuisines available in the city. Don’t forget to also indulge in classic English food. And…

The London commute

Getting to work in London

It is morning time here in London. I’ve just woken up, got dressed, and walked to the tube with my husband. I’m wearing dark jeans and a burgundy button-down top with Nike sneakers under my big coat and scarf. He is looking “smart” (as they say here when you are well dressed) wearing his grey suit and brown leather shoes. We were rushing this morning because he had a meeting at 9am. The English are very, very punctual. I hear being right on time in corporate England is as good as late. During the weekday mornings in our neighborhood, the streets are bustling with speed-walking and biking worker-bees hustling to get to the Tube to get to the office. The…

City Gender Paris

If your city had a gender, what would it be?

I must be in a weird mood. But walking around London today I couldn’t help but muse about how interesting this city is with it’s mix of bustling city life, historic and modern architecture, fashionable denizens, and animated foodie scenes. And all that contrasts the tranquil parks and calming canals. I sighed to myself, “London, I do love her.” But then I wondered, “wait, how did I come to the conclusion that London was a female?” Then that got me thinking, do cities have genders? I know…. Weird question. Certain cities have distinct genders to me. New York is undoubtedly male. Somehow it seems to have a permanent five-o’clock shadow. The subways and streets are dirty. Living there is no…

Kate Thomas Travel Dorset

Exploring the Countryside in Dorset, England #VIDEO

On my last trip to London I took the train to Dorset in the English countryside to explore its charming villages and green, open spaces. Like many, I’ve harbored the dream of experiencing the English countryside for years. In my mind, I held images of rolling green hills dotted with quaint villages and Downton-Abbey-style estates. So I decided to get out of London and into the English countryside to finally see it for myself. And you know what? It was not far from my imagination. The region I visited is called Dorset (which is actually Southwest of London, I misspoke in the video). And Sherborne, one of the many small towns there, is known for having a complex history dating back…

The UK’s Jurassic Coast for Beginners #Video

Along the southern coast of Great Britain in the regions of Dorset and East Devon is the Jurassic Coast. As you can see in the video there are all kinds of fun to be had in this dynamic landscape. In certain areas, you can also go fossil hunting, rock climbing, and horseback riding on the beach. And some locals simply like to hike along the cliffs for miles. If you are hoping to see multiple hubs along the coastline all on the same trip, you’ll want a car. But if you stay in one destination like Bridport you could get away with no car, and simply take a taxi to the beach and to the train station. In the video…