If your city had a gender, what would it be?

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I must be in a weird mood. But walking around London today I couldn’t help but muse about how interesting this city is with it’s mix of bustling city life, historic and modern architecture, fashionable denizens, and animated foodie scenes. And all that contrasts the tranquil parks and calming canals.

I sighed to myself, “London, I do love her.” But then I wondered, “wait, how did I come to the conclusion that London was a female?” Then that got me thinking, do cities have genders?

I know…. Weird question.

What is your city's gender

Certain cities have distinct genders to me. New York is undoubtedly male. Somehow it seems to have a permanent five-o’clock shadow. The subways and streets are dirty. Living there is no easy task, you must grow a thick skin and tolerance for the intense energy of the place. New York has an aggressive masculine quality to it without a doubt.

But Paris? Paris is a woman. She is an elegant and mature fashionista whose unshaven armpits sometimes show. But who is looking? Yes the Metro is dirty but we forgive her as we sit at a teeny table with a café crème or chevre chaud salad and baguette, watching passersby. From the vantage point of Montmartre or relaxing on the grass in Place des Vosges (or any one of the city’s stunning spots) Paris is an elegant dame.

Here’s one of my first Travel with Kate videos shopping in the Marais in Paris.

Where do you live? And what gender do you think your city has, if it could?

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