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Kate’s Travel Playlist – Track 1: “La Vengeance d’une Louve” (Music)

Like most travelers I know, I cherish the music I discover while abroad. And I have decided to share some of it with you here. So this is the first track of my music series, Kate’s Travel Playlist.

Music is one of the many treasures to uncover while traveling. As the easiest point of entry into other ways of life, it allows us to relate to different cultures like nothing else. We get to take it home with us. And any time we listen to that song or album from a trip, it instantly transports us back to the place and time we discovered it.

This week I am featuring the sexy, French vocals of:


A friend I made in Paris shared Brigitte’s music with me.  This pair of vixens have quickly become my go-to artists when I want to chill out. Here’s one of their many songs I love. Enjoy.


Parisians, Sylvie and Aurelie, chose the name Brigitte because they felt it embodies the ultimate, sexy, liberated woman. Like Brigitte Bardot, Brigitte Fontaine (famous French singer), Brigitte Fossey (french actress), and Brigitte Lahaie (french pornstar) they exude confidence and sensuality. 

This next video is from a live concert they did for TV. Consider it a bonus track!

In my article, How to Learn a Foreign Language, I talk about using music to boost your progress. If you are learning french, you might want to try one of Brigitte’s songs. 

Here’s the iTunes link.

Oh… and if you have any songs you love from your travels, please tell me about them!

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    January 30, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    nice use of the site

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