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Vancouver for a New Wardrobe? (VIDEO)

It was a real girls day out with Trish Friesen of Tripstyler.com. Trish is a Vancouver local with a love of travel and all things chic. On her site, she profiles fabulous vacations around the world. And in her hometown she is quite the connoisseuse of boutique shopping. In this video she takes me around to her four favorite stores full of unique finds. And we also sample some delicious snacks at her beloved eateries. Watch the video above or check out the 30-second trailer! Here is a list of all the places we visited in order of appearance:…

Kate Thomas

Traveling & Shopping, Vancouver (VIDEO)

On a recent trip to Vancouver, Canada I was taken by surprise! A little caveat here – I recently moved back to LA after living in New York City. And like many NY-LA transplants (even for people who were originally from LA, like myself) there is a long period of readjustment as you slowly must surrender to a new way of life. But as I walked around the streets of Vancouver, I thought, “Here you can have it all!”…