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El Matador Beach – Malibu

I’m back in my hometown of Los Angeles this week. I’m here to shoot some fun travel videos for a company that I will be telling you all about very soon! But for now, I have to let  you know about a place in LA that I love to visit.

Los Angeles is the land of hidden gems where so many great experiences are cached within its intimidating urban sprawl. As a visitor, exploring the city can be harder in LA than in other cities. And it is best to plan out your days around specific activities in localized neighborhoods.

Malibu is a wonderful part of LA to choose to spend the day. While you are there you may want to check out El Matador Beach – a beach just off the beaten path.

To get to El Matador Beach you must drive North from LA on the Pacific Coast Highway about ten miles past Malibu. That’s past Pepperdine University and just a couple miles North of Zuma Beach.  You’ll see a sign for the turnoff and you’ll find a parking lot atop the bluff.

Once you pay for parking ($8 for the whole day), you’ll start on your way down to the beach. Follow the path down the mountain.

And descend the stairs.

Once you are on the beach you’ll find large and small patches of sand in between the rock formations. Walk along, tracing the shoreline and choose your perfect spot.

My best advice for this beach is to bring everything you need to spend the day here. Pack a lunch, water, towels, sunscreen, a book, an ipod, and whatever else will help you relax the day away. And as a tip, the weekends tend to be busier than the week days (when you may find yourself the only one on the beach). And the earlier you get there, the fewer people you will find.

Have fun!

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