Getting Lost in MaHdia, Tunisia (Photos)

Tunisia is a fascinating place to experience off the beaten path and go exploring through small towns. And that is what I did during a recent trip. (Of course, accompanied by people in the know.)

I visited the country last summer in one of the more accessible ways to travel to Tunisia. I stayed in the tourist enclaves of Sousse and Monastir (Watch Video Here) filled with tourist beaches, resorts and restaurants.

Getting restless after a few days of sand and sun, I took a daytrip with my friends to a neighboring town. We drove for an hour along the coast and arrived in MaHdia — a small village on the water.

We took to the narrow streets, weaving our way through the town.

The residential neighborhoods resembled alleyways with very plain, cement facades and little decorative detail.

That is except for the occasional residential door decorated with flair.

Taking us by surprise, we encountered the local convenience store built into a small cavern along one of the street walls.

No more than 100 feet away a local artisan shop where silk scarves and clothes are made was open for business.

We turned a corner and saw the rich royal blue of the Mediterranean peak through the homes.

Some local boys were bathing in the water. Fishing boats were tied up along the rocks.

We wrapped around the end of town and saw the cemetery and a mausoleum.

Then we headed back to the center of town to find the mosque bustling with people after evening prayer.

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