How to Get a Hyper-Local Travel Experience (VIDEO)

If I am on a trip and I don’t get the opportunity to connect with locals, learn from them and escape the tourist infrastructure of my destination, I AM NOT A HAPPY TRAVELER.

Resort travel and beach-bum travel have their place, for sure. But even on those kinds of trips, I’m always scouting out what’s under the surface. Call it an insatiable curiosity.

And I often hear from my viewers and my friends that they, too, would like to travel like me but they are not as outgoing, or that they just don’t know how to do it. So in this video find tools to make my kind of travel work for you.

The tips I give are kind of cheating! And you have to pay for them. But hey, whatever it takes! Especially, if you don’t have much time in a destination, these really are great amplifiers of your local interactions.

Here are the sites I mentioned in the video. I am not trying to express a preference for any given site. That is except, They seem to be the most developed, so far, of all the kitchen hopping options.

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Lodging Sites:

Local Tours Sites:

Kitchen Hopping Sites:


In the Travel with Kate opening sequence, the image behind Kate eating sushi (not of Kate) is by photographer Trey Ratcliff of

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