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Rediscovering Los Angeles with my Fellow Locals

Living in one place for many years, gives us the impression that we have a holistic view of our own hometown. But the truth of the matter is our experiences, our family, our friends, and even the address of our home all impact our understanding of our cities. And I am currently learning this lesson in a big way.

Last year, I moved back to my hometown of Los Angeles after living in New York for five years. At the time, I braced myself for some intense culture shock. Despite the upgrades in weather and certain facets of life – I was concerned that the LA I knew would not hold my attention as had New York.

I am not going to next tell you that when I moved back I discovered that LA is just as vibrant as (or in some way equal to) New York. It is undoubtedly a different city with a unique culture and geography. However, it is quite diverse with many of its attractions hidden and spread apart. And I want to know more about my own city than I’ve ever ventured to know before.

And thus I have made it my mission to rediscover and redefine the city for myself – to boost my understanding of my hometown with a little Travel with Kate exploration.


That means, tapping locals as I do in my travel destinations who can give me their unique perspective on my destinations (and in this case, Los Angeles). To start, I am specifically targeting locals that are not from my existing community of friends or family. Also qualifying are people I have been out of touch with for many years.

I have started the process, and you may have seen my first video I made in Echo Park—a neighborhood that I, admittedly, have spent very little time in before now. In the video, I get to see Echo Park and the surrounding areas from the perspective of a local rock band, Kiven.

Coming down the pike is a Los Angeles Hiking video in Malibu with Nick Phillips of Hikesyoucando.com, exploring Mid-City with Kyle Fitzpatrick of LAimyours.com and much more.

I’ve also just published a comprehensive guide about choice Los Angeles neighborhoods on the Expedia Viewfinder blog entitled Los Angeles Neighborhoods Decoded. 

Additionally, check out my post for Expedia Viewfinder about Santa Barbara – an itinerary for a chic and romantic weekend getaway to the famed beach destination less than two hours up the coast from Los Angeles.

Do tell me, are there any parts of LA you are particularly curious about or think I should explore?


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