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Kate wins 2nd Place in USA TODAY Contest for Best Travel Videographer Online!

Making art or pursuing any creative endeavor requires, above all, a passion that burns within you to make your soul’s desire a reality. It is scary as all hell to put yourself out there and say, Hey! This is me and this is what I could give today. It can be a very vulnerable experience. And at the same time, doing what you love can be immensely rewarding regardless of what the outside world thinks.

This month, USA Today and 10Best ran an online contest. It was for a people’s choice award naming the top 10 video travel bloggers online. And I was listed among the 20 nominees.

I have been creating my travel web series and blog to share my passion for travel with my friends, family and the world for over two years now. Making these videos I feel most alive–out on the road, camera in hand or back home crafting my stories in the editing process. It has been a journey in becoming a better storyteller and how to present myself on camera as well as learning how to add value for my audience. And it is on-going!

And to get this recognition by USA Today, I am so very flattered. I am humbled to be among the nominees and wish so many more of my peers could have been on the list as well.

Thank you to the USA TODAY experts who nominated me. They are Nadine Sykora, Brian Cox, and Lisa Lubin–all outstanding travel videographers themselves!

And THANK YOU so much to everyone who voted. Thank you to my friends and family and community who got out the word and voted day after day! Your support emboldens me to keep on going. I am so grateful 🙂


  1. Mark Wolters (Wolter’s World)
  2. Kate Thomas (Travel with Kate)
  3. Mark Wiens (Migrationology)
  4. Cailin O’Neil (Travel Yourself)
  5. Mike Corey (Kick the Grind)
  6. Peter Bragiel (In Transit)
  7. Kristen Sarah Jacobson (Hopscotch the Globe)
  8. David Hoffman (David’s been here)
  9. Matthew Karsten (Expert Vagabond)
  10. Joshua Johnson (Travel Media Ninja)

Congrats everyone!!!

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