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The Women’s Travel Fest 2015 #VIDEO

This month I attended an event in San Francisco that was created entirely to empower and encourage women to travel. The Women’s Travel Fest is open to the public for anyone who wants to learn more about travel, how to plan their next trip, and to meet other courageous women who want to journey the world.

I went to last year’s event as a speaker and returned this year to cover the event for Expedia in the video above. And I have to say, it is truly a coming-together of like-minded women yearning to make their travel dreams come true. The energy and camaraderie was electric.

On stage were knowledgeable women who have created careers in travel as journalists, magazine editors, bloggers, tour operators, and celebrity adventurers. This is truly an epicenter where girl-power meets the travel world.

If you are a female traveler or you aspire to be, definitely come join us next year.

Above you’ll find a video I made for the event. It was really fun to run around the auditorium interviewing these women. Come watch!


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