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A Lake District Getaway from London #Video

In this episode of Travel with Kate, I go on a Lake District getaway from London full of luxury and outdoor adventure.

To be specific, I stayed at Sharrow Bay, a hotel right on Ullswater, a body of water in the Northern part of the Lake District National Park in Cumbria. Sharrow Bay definitely fits into my hotel ranking system of Local Luxury. And It holds two claims to fame.

Number one, it’s known as the first ever country house hotel (a common type of lodging in this country that was once a private vacation home but now open to guests). Number two, the hotel founders claim that they were the originators of the Sticky Toffee Pudding. This desert is found widely in this region. I tried a few different versions, and Sharrow Bay’s really was my favorite!

Here is a shot of our beautiful room. And below that is the breakfast room.

Hotel Room Sharrow Bay Lake Districe

Lake District Sharrow Bay Breakfast

If you are looking for a more budget lodging option, there are tons of accommodations in the region. And in the warmer months, you’ll find locals camping on the banks and hills surrounding the lakes. Doing a quick google search you’ll find lots of resources for camping and caravanning (aka mobile home camping) in the region.

To learn more about the outdoor adventure company that arranged for our morning excursion, go HERE. The company, Reach Beyond Adventure, can take individuals or groups out on all kinds of wilderness adventures teaching bushcraft (aka wilderness survival techniques) and information about the region.

Ullswater Bushcraft


Even though it was cold, or maybe especially because it was cold, our outdoor adventure was abundantly refreshing. Paddling through the water took my breath away. A smile would not leave my face throughout the experience.

Reach Beyond Adventure Canoeing

Lake District Ullswater Winter

The fact that this trip took place in wintertime meant that we didn’t have to compete for space on the water. In fact, the only other manned craft we saw that day was that converted steamboat that went by in the video. Other times of year, the water is dotted with sailboats and vacationers engaging in water sports.

To get here from London, it’s super simple. We opted for the train. It was a comfortable direct ride leaving from Euston Station in London and arriving in Penrith that departs at regular intervals throughout the day. It took about three hours. Once in Penrith we could easily take a taxi from the station to the hotel. I decided to rent a car so we could drive around a bit and explore on our own. I used Eden Garage. They were waiting for me at the station with the keys when my train arrived. It was super convenient. I found out after I reserved and paid for the car that another local company specifically rents low emission vehicles.

Getting used to driving on the left was a different story!! It took me some time to build up a comfort with it. The glove trick from the end of the video was a real help!

Ok that’s it! I hope this video and post inspires you to go on your own Lake District trip! Happy travels!

Disclaimer: I was able to stay at the hotel and participate in our paddle free of charge as the venues were aware I wanted to feature them. Wondering how it worked? I found them online. I reached out. And I received an invitation. All my impressions, opinions, and recommendations expressed above are authentic.

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