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The Painswick Hotel: A Cotswolds Retreat

Wisteria and patio at the Painswick Hotel

The Painswick Hotel is a stylish and modern retreat in the Cotswolds.

Visiting the English countryside – whether it be in Dorset, the Lake District, or the Isle of Wight – I have stayed in and enjoyed hotels known for their luxury and culinary distinction. During each stay, I was able to connect with interesting local characters and experience the excellence of these renowned properties. Being at those hotels was also like stepping into another world that felt sometimes just a bit more formal and mature than my own natural disposition.

But it was on my recent trip to the Costwolds, staying at The Painswick Hotel where I felt like all the puzzle pieces fit for me. Finally, I’d found a retreat that truly felt like a home away from home.

The Painswick has a way of combining the elegance and luxury of an English country house hotel with trendy and young vibes. No stiff upper lips here! This hotel falls squarely in my hotel-ranking categories of:

Local Luxury, Local Charm

My room had quite the view….


Painswick Hotel View

Painswick hotel guest room

And the interior was simple, comfortable and quirky. Look at this phone!

Painswick Hotel Telephone in guest room

Wandering around the public areas of the hotel you’ll also find quite a few optimal places to hang about.

Painswick Hotel sitting room

It can be cozy by the fire.

Painswick Hotel sitting room

Or over here.

Painswick Hotel bar

Or belly up to the bar.

Cocktails at The Painswick Hotel Cotswolds

Or on the terrace with a drink.

Painswick Hotel dining room

And this brings us to the dinning room where you can have any meal of the day….

Painswick Hotel bread and popcorn

Before our dinner we were served homemade breads with butter, popcorn, and olives.

A fancy cured salmon appetizer. (yum!)

A fancy, cured salmon appetizer. (yum!)

A lovely white fish main.

A lovely white fish dish for my main.

A to-die-for raspberry soufflee!

A to-die-for raspberry souffle for dessert!

The terrace from The Painswick Hotel

And above all the places to perch around the hotel grounds, this terrace where you can sit with a drink and take in a fantastic views was my favorite.

Kate Thomas at The Paiswick Hotel

I’ll be back to The Painswick Hotel! Of that, I am sure. It was the most relaxing part of my super-charged, 5-day trip through the Cotswolds, Bath, and the Wales countryside hosted by Visit Britain.

When I come back I’ll be sure to book at least three nights and make sure to explore the countryside on foot!

Painswick hotel art

Just had to share this one last shot of the wall art! Made me laugh!












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