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What’s Kate Up To?

Published on March 29, 2014

I am so pleased to announce that Travel with Kate is reaching new heights. First of all, I know you’ve heard me mentioning Expedia a lot lately. And that is because I have recently joined their team of content creators […]

The Women’s Travel Festival, a Dynamic Event!

Published on March 11, 2014

Last Saturday, on International Women’s Day, I took part in a wonderful event empowering women to travel. It was the first annual, Women’s Travel Festival held in New York City. And it was clear that from the seasoned, career-travelers on […]

Traveling Back in Time with My Dad

Published on March 4, 2014

In a recent article for Expedia Viewfinder, I write about how I might travel using a time machine if given the opportunity. The post was inspired by Expedia‚Äôs campaign in support of the new Dreamworks film, Mr. Peabody and Sherman. […]

What is Local Travel Anyway?

Published on February 25, 2014
Picture 21 copy

It is a core mission of my website and video series to help my viewers travel locally. Either here or on other travel publications, I’m sure you’ve seen articles referencing local travel, getting an authentic experience, or experiential travel. And […]

A Trip to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas!

Published on February 18, 2014

Vegas. At every turn there is something that will awe you, overwhelm you or at least cause you to shake your head in disbelief. It is the ultimate saturation of the senses. But however grand Las Vegas is – the […]

Don’t Date a Boy Who Doesn’t Travel

Published on January 29, 2014
Kate in Ibiza, Cafe del Mar Sunset 2004

I recently came across an article about why it is a bad idea to date girls who travel. Ouch! Apparently, it has gone viral and been translated into six languages because it resonates with so many. And as I read […]