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Wisteria and patio at the Painswick Hotel

The Painswick Hotel: A Cotswolds Retreat

The Painswick Hotel is a stylish and modern retreat in the Cotswolds. Visiting the English countryside – whether it be in Dorset, the Lake District, or the Isle of Wight – I have stayed in and enjoyed hotels known for their luxury and culinary distinction. During each stay, I was able to connect with interesting local characters and experience the excellence of these renowned properties. Being at those hotels was also like stepping into another world that felt sometimes just a bit more formal and mature than my own natural disposition. But it was on my recent trip to the Costwolds, staying at The Painswick Hotel where I felt like all the puzzle pieces fit for me. Finally, I’d found…

Meet Montana Locals: The Hat Man #VIDEO

Larry Shore sells and personally shapes hats for each of his customers. It has been his trade and passion for over 40 years. He knows that as he warms up the edges of those hats, bending and molding them to a perfect shape that he is making a contribution far deeper than simply selling a hat. He is also shaping countless moments that the wearer will have on horseback, on the job and throughout life. He is contributing to that individuals place in the world, to their identity. I really enjoyed connecting with Larry, someone who has genuinely found his calling. Larry and his wife run WesTrends, in Norris, Montana. But I got my hat from the WesTrends mobile trailer…

Meet Montana Locals: Windmill Village Bakery #VIDEO

Nancy’s mom gave her the family’s secret recipe for classic glazed donuts. Her husband built her a bakery from the ground up. And Nancy took these elements, transforming them into a legendary establishment for which people travel across state lines just to devour her delicious treats. I’m talking about Nancy Martin of the Windmill Village Bakery in Ravalli, Montana. And donuts are just the start. Sticky cinnamon buns, chewy chocolate chip cookies, and all-American pies are also local favorites. If you happen to be passing through these parts, be sure to stop in and tell her Travel with Kate sent you! This experience was just one stop along an epic, week-long road trip adventure I took this summer with Expedia.…

A Foodie Weekend on the Isle of Wight with the Royal Hotel #VIDEO

On a romantic, foodie-centric, weekend escape from London, I explored the beautiful Isle of Wight with The Royal Hotel. First of all, getting there was very easy. A quick, hour and 15-minute train ride out of Waterloo station and a 25-minute ferry later I had arrived on this stunning island. This isle, just south off the coast of Great Britain, is known for summertime festivals, exceptional local produce, and a unique cultural experience where a hippy way of life meets English culture. Many also come to enjoy surfing, beach fun, and biking along nature trails. And I noticed a tranquility about this island that made me feel at home and relaxed upon arrival. The Royal Hotel falls into my hotel…

Travel with Kate in London

A Few Basics for Traveling to London

I have been getting my bearings in my new city of London – always trying to learn from the locals as best I can. And over the past few months I’ve published a handful of articles on the Expedia Viewfinder blog about this great city. They reflect a slice of what I’ve learned here so far as I commute around town, consume lots of great food, and connect with local friends. Here are some of my favorite pieces. Food Tips… Don’t let the negative stereotypes steer you wrong. Food in London is outstanding. But when visiting, it is easy to focus on all the international cuisines available in the city. Don’t forget to also indulge in classic English food. And…

seeking fulfillment

How to feel fulfilled via Woody Allen

Yesterday I watched Midnight in Paris on a plane. It was my fourth time watching this Woody Allen film. When it first came out, I had watched it three times in a row because it resonated so deeply with me. The protagonist is a writer struggling to find fulfillment in life. He blames his discontentment on not being born in an inspiring era – specifically not being able to experience Paris in the 1920’s.  In a strange turn of events, he accidentally finds a way back into the past to that very time and place, encountering long-passed idols such as Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Cole Porter. On these midnight jaunts to his most desired moments in history, he learns that it’s…