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Brunch Breakfast Montmartre Hardware Societe Paris

Brunch in Montmartre at Hardware Société Paris

When visiting Montmartre in Paris, don’t miss the brunch at Hardware Société, hidden just behind the Sacré-Coeur Basilica. On this chilly, zero degree Celsius, Sunday morning in Paris, the winter sun was shining over the rooftops. My husband and I left home about 9:45am, walking through the unusually tranquil streets, trekking our way up toward the backside of Sacré Coeur in Montmartre. Baby was bundled in her stroller. Hardware Société Paris is a popular weekend brunch spot with a reputation for long waits. As we approached, there was only one woman standing outside, curiously peering in the windows. I feared they might be closed. But we soon discovered we were in fact only second in line. We were seated almost…

The Perils of Being Pregnant in Paris

After finding out I was pregnant only a few weeks after moving to Paris, I immediately dug into the complexities of maternity in France such as getting a local medical card, finding a doctor and a place to give birth. Like every pregnant woman, I was swiftly warned about avoiding certain foods. But somehow these restrictions are harder in France than elsewhere. On this list of no-no’s were: Unpasteurized dairy products, alcohol, caffeinated drinks, under-cooked meats, fish and eggs. Deli meats, cured meats, and cold leftovers of any kind are also forbidden. Avoiding many of these items in my new home is a challenge because consuming them was the very benefit I was most looking forward to as I moved…

My First Months as a Parisian – Big Announcement!

Upon moving to Paris in October of 2016, there were quite a few things on my agenda. To name a few, I needed to open a bank account, get a local phone number, sign up for local health coverage, take steps to get my visa finalized, decide on what part of town to live in, look for an apartment, and look for work. Something that was not on my to-do list was conceiving a child! My husband and I had, what felt like, a really awesome plan. For our first few months in Paris, we planned to test out different neighborhoods via Airbnb as a way to ultimately decide where to live. The idea was to give each neighborhood at…

Studying Parenting Style inside a Parisian Park, Square des Batignolles

Getting ready to become a mom in Paris, I find that local parks are an entertaining and educational place to observe how Parisians parent. At 2pm on Sunday, my husband and I set out from our new apartment with no particular destination in mind. The sunny weather had prompted in us a desire to explore. Wandering is my favorite way to discover a place – step-by-step, street-by-street. But on this day, our pioneering spirit became overpowered as we unconsciously veered toward one of our preferred parks in the North of Paris. Tucked inside Batignolles, a neighborhood in the 17th Arrondissement, is a picturesque park called, Square des Batignolles. This park is somewhat compact but provides an immersive, nature experience that…

Travel with Kate Paris


Hello dear friends, I have some big news. After moving to London earlier this year to join my husband, we have moved once again. This time to Paris!! It has been nearly two months. And I kept the news to myself because I wanted to live the experience whole-heartedly – not thinking about pictures to share or videos or blogs to make. I wanted it just for me. This move wasn’t easy. Somehow when I moved to London from Los Angeles a few months after our wedding it was an incredibly smooth transition. I had already spent quite some time in London – visiting the sights around town and also getting to know our neighborhood, meeting local characters, choosing my…

An Epic 6 Days in the British Countryside

This was an epic six days exploring the British countryside. My trip was all organized by Visit Britain – the tourism board for Great Britain who invited me out to share my experiences with you. The goal was to show me a wide breadth of countryside destinations in the UK during my 6 days on the road. They organized each activity with earnest local tour operators and booked my hotels. I was at their whim – entirely. And to be honestly, this trip wildly outdid my expectations. If I go back (and I’d like to) I would spend even more time in Wales exploring castles with my guide from Planet Wales. I would love to take a pony ride and…