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An Introduction to Salsa Dancing in Los Angeles (VIDEO)

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Salsa dancing is a fun and social dance that is popular around the world. These days you can find a salsa club in major cities in every corner of the globe from Jerusalem to Rome, Tokyo, to Cape Town. Wherever it goes, this dance brings with it an ethos that leaves prejudice and cultural differences at the door. Salsa is an unifier.

go to site Well before I began Travel with Kate, I learned about salsa while living in Paris for a semester abroad. Soon after, I moved home to Los Angeles where I took up salsa dancing as a serious hobby. And in doing so, I was surprised and delighted to find such a flourishing scene.

us discount canadian viagra overnight delivery I sold a cut of this film to Current TV. The version they bought aired repeatedly and was available on their “Best of Current TV” itunes podcast.

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