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Delicious Tapas in Triana, Sevilla #VIDEO

As promised here is my first full Travel with Kate episode from Sevilla, Spain chasing my passions and my storybook vacation with Expedia. Tapas and Spain go together like baguettes and France. In this video, a local, David Ciudad of the website, showed me his most beloved restaurant in the Triana neighborhood of Sevilla.

Triana is a bustling part of town that is markedly different from the rest of the city. The concentration of historic architecture and manicured gardens found across the river in Sevilla are replaced here by a vibrant local scene. Triana has it’s own festivals and is a hub of Flamenco culture. In fact, many who live in Triana identify as Trianeros rather than Sevillians.

Whether in Triana, in Sevilla-proper or Spain at large, I find that eating tapas is a really fun and social way to dine. Often in bars like we visited in the video you have the option to eat standing or you can find a seat. Tapas are best enjoyed by sharing and trying as many tastes as you can. With all the flavors, I tend to feel more satisfied after a meal of tapas than if I do with regularly coursed meals. All that variety makes for a special experience.

If you want to have an experience like this one or even this exact one, go to or to book yourself a local experience. Both David and Tours by Locals proved to be instrumental on my trip to Sevilla helping me get into the heart of the city quickly and with ease. And I’m passing the tip on to you!

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In the Travel with Kate opening sequence, the image behind Kate eating sushi (not of Kate) is by photographer Trey Ratcliff of

  • Carla Thomas
    June 18, 2014 at 11:40 am

    wow what a bustling fun city and great food

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