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Discovering Camden Passage in London (Photos)


get brand viagra no prescription from online pharmacy click here “Seriously, if this is London, I love it!”

go to site That’s what I ended my last post with as I detailed my first hour in London – I was only still commuting from the airport. And after finally arriving at my friend’s apartment – or rather his flat – I dropped off my things and headed out for a bite to eat.

viagra best buy I went wandering around his neighborhood which is known as Angel. Within a couple blocks of strolling along, not having any idea where I would end up, I came across this beautiful canal.

go here Then as I continued to meander up the street I happened upon the most adorable little area called Camden Passage.

click Camden Passage is a a narrow street, a few blocks long that houses a particular collection of stores and places to eat. The majority of the businesses that line the street are antique shops, fabulous vintage stores and impeccably designed cafes. Here it is in a handful of photos.

go The Breakfast Club – seems like the place where all the cool kids go to get breakfast all day. A 1950’s, American-style diner and candy shop.

watch This is Kipferl, an Austrian Viennese Cafe and Kitchen. This morning I had breakfast there – a Cappuccino and an omelet – while I wrote this post.

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And there’s vintage and antiques galore!

What also stuck out to me was the gelato shop called Zucono, a happening internet cafe called The Coffee Works Project, other apparel and housewares stores.

33 drugs com viagra for women Man… if this is London, I love it!

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