Palm Springs and The Parker Hotel

Going to a resort hotel in the desert is a confusing experience.

You go out into the hot desert and then you check in to a hotel that does everything possible to make you feel like you are at a beach resort – but there is no beach. And secluded with little distractions you are forced to relax and surrender to the tranquility of your surroundings.

Over last weekend, I went to a family wedding in the California desert held at The Parker Palm Springs. Part historical momento and part LA hipster getaway spot, this hotel is a stunner. Prepare yourself for these photos!

The interior parts of the hotel are pretty magnificent, designed with a 1950’s flair.

This is the Lobby. Stay with me…

The property was originally a Holiday Inn, opened in 1959. Then actor Gene Autry bought the place in 1963 turning it into his ranch and home of the California Angels during their Spring training sessions. Later the property was owned by Givenchy, then Merv Griffin and now, since 2004, it’s The Parker Palm Springs.

The rooms of the hotel are scattered in many buildings around the grounds. You can even rent out Gene Autry’s home that also sits on the property.

And I really loved how the interiors and exteriors of the hotel seem to intermingle in a seamless way – surely a phenomenon only possible to this degree in a place where it rarely rains and has sunshine year round.

Go from hanging in the lounge.

To lounging in the many outdoor seating areas.

Get lost in the maze of manicured gardens.

Take a dip in one of the two pools, go to the gym or get a treatment in the spa.

And when you are hungry, have a bite at their restaurant.

That’s my artichoke Benedict – with two whole artichoke hearts in place of the bread!

I have to say the experience as a whole was positive, calming and easy. And made me want to come back again soon.


  • Triptease
    February 28, 2013 at 11:51 am

    This hotel sounds so cool, and we love the look of the pool! Thanks, Kate

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