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Imagine Waiting for your Flight in a Park

I was recently in Palm Springs for a family wedding. And due to the festivites, all I saw of the town was the airport and the hotel. Yet both proved to be quite unique and gave me reason to come back. Here’s my article about the hotel.

As for the airport, you might be thinking, an airport is an airport – but no, not at Palm Springs International. They have turned the airport experience into a real walk in the park.

No, really, the main terminal is an outdoor park!

Palm Springs is a desert resort city, four hours by car from Los Angeles.
Not surprisingly, the weather is almost always sunny and hot. And the airport developers really capitalized on the climate by allowing most of the airport itself to be outside.

Look, this is the main terminal.

Grab something to eat at the Starbucks or the La Brea Bakery and sit in the grass to enjoy it.

I’m sorry, you’ll have to excuse, I must skip on down to my gate because my plane is boarding!

This airport provides a very laid back experience as most of the time you don’t feel like you are in one. Bravo PSP! (that’s the airport code)


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