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Curing Jet Lag with Tapas in Sevilla #VIDEO

What do you do on your first day in your destination when you are jet-lagged and exhausted? Rushing from one historical monument or tourist attraction to the next on that first day (or on any day) sounds no fun. And staying in the hotel room all day is a no-no! So what do we do?

In this video from Sevilla on my first full day in town, I was asking myself this very question. But lucky for me some cheerful locals came to my rescue. I met David, Javi, Anna and Jose-Antonio out for a typical, lazy, Sunday afternoon in Sevilla during the Spring. Turns out it was the perfect itinerary to distract me from my jet-lag and immerse me into local life.

In the video we get a glimpse into the neighborhood of Alameda de Hercules. This part of town has a cultural energy that is really special. Not long ago it was known as a rough neighborhood. But Sevilla has been going through a transformation over the last few decades and this area has been revived as a hub for dining, living and gathering.

Along the Alameda you can find locals enjoying themselves all day and all week long. During the weekend and holiday evenings the promenade is busy well into the night. It seems all demographics, young to old, can be found here intermingling. And in this neighborhood, you will find few tourists in comparison to the Jewish Quarter. This means you’ll get an authentic perspective on local life.

The two tapas bars we visited are:

1. Bar Restaurante Eslava

Calle Eslava, 3  Sevilla

2. Tarin Poetica Gastronomica

Calle Jesus del Gran Poder, 91 Sevilla

If you want to have an experience like this one go to or to book yourself a local experience. Both David and Tours by Locals proved to be instrumental on my trip to Sevilla helping me get into the heart of the city quickly and with ease. And I’m passing the tip on to you!

This video is another Travel with Kate episode made possible in part by Expedia. Also watch the other episodes on tapas in Triana, seeking romance in Sevilla, and my journey trailer.

In the Travel with Kate opening sequence, the image in the background of Kate eating sushi is by photographer Trey Ratcliff of



  • Carla Thomas
    July 2, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    very enticing -give me an idea to throw a Tapas party.
    Your serieis on Sevilla is really inciting me to go there.

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